A Hurt Puppy Was Found On A Random Porch With No One Around

A tiny puppy was found lying on a random porch of an abandoned house, and a rescuer approached. She asked and looked around for a mother, but he was all alone. The little one was injured, so she scooped him up to get him to the vet immediately.

Bernard was checked and treated and off to a foster just like that! He cried all the way home, and it wasn’t until he met his milk bottle that he was fine. He even loved the pacifier as a sort of security blanket! Bernard then chose a big rainbow teddy bear as his cuddle buddy. 🙂

As his back healed more and more, he was able to get around better. Bernard was growing up and getting spunkier by the day, but Dina loved it and saw it as healthy growth! The pup would be adopted by Angelica who renamed him Diego. And today, he still has that rainbow bear toy by his side! 🙂