Stray Puppy Who Couldn’t Stand Looks Back To See Hope In Human Form

Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers arrived on scene to help a stray puppy in need. A neighbor had been caring for and feeding the little girl when at all possible, but now her leg was swollen and she couldn’t stand. She also had a wound on her forehead.

They got her back to the animal hospital where they could take a closer look, and she was administered some pain meds. The dog was a little unsure of everything and scared, but they did their best to reassure her everything would be okay. In fact, life would soon be much better! 🙂

Her fractured leg was splinted, and lots of rest was next on the list. Her mood brightened as she felt better and the pain subsided, but she still held some anxiety in those big black eyes. There was only one thing left to do; now see little Suzie today!