Mama Dog Found With A Pup Stuck In Her Birth Canal Needed To Get The Others Out

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to check out a street dog who had a baby stuck in her birth canal. The poor puppy had passed away, but it wasn’t too late for the mama. They got her back right away and prepared her for a c-section since her contractions had stopped.

They didn’t know how many puppies were inside, but it turned out Apricot was about to be one very busy mother! But shortly after giving birth to her six puppies, three of them suddenly fell ill and passed away. The other three, however, were very healthy!

Apricot needed some human friends in order to survive this crisis, but she also needed her friends back home. When her babies were old enough, she was spayed. And when the time was right, they were moved back to where they came from. The reunion with Dad and some curious neighbors was too special! See them now. 🙂