She Found This Mama & Puppies In A Yard With No Water. But What She Does Is Amazing!

PawMyGosh follower Amy Remark shares with us her remarkable story of rescue and recovery for 6 abused dogs.


A few months ago Amy rescued 6 dogs from a yard: a momma, her 4 little babies and an adolescent male. “These guys were left with no food and water… they were dehydrated and malnourished”

Unfortunately the mother, Chief, passed despite all efforts to save her life. Amy even fronted all the vet bills herself. “I believe dogs all deserve a chance at life.”

The pups were in good hands taken in by Amy and some friends who nursed the puppies back to health and found a shelter that would take them in. They started a fundraiser to help with veterinary costs at


Fletcher, the adolescent pup, found his permanent home with Amy, and all reports are positive on his recovery and socialization.

“He is so cute and also needs a ton of work with a dog trainer. I’m doing my best and he’s learning quickly. He and my other dog – who doesn’t like many dogs – get along famously. I think it’s true love.”

There are so many dogs in need and we’re glad there are people like Amy out there doing everything they can for the animals!  Thank you Amy for your amazing work!

If you want to help out with these pups medical costs you can donate to Amy’s fundraiser at: