Dog Loves Sitting By His Baby Brother Until He Poops His Pants

One reason we love dogs so much is that they are always honest — no matter how brutal the truth may be! If they don’t want to do something or don’t like something, they aren’t going to fake it. And the video below is a great example of this!

Max loves his little human brother more than anything in the world. And one of his favorite things to do is just sit beside him and relax. But babies fart and poop themselves, and that’s one thing the dog isn’t willing to put up with!

The baby is sitting there and getting awfully squirmy, and mom knows what’s coming. “You look like you’re about to poo poo or something,” she says. And before you know it, the baby is ripping farts that sound like more than just farts!

The best part of the entire thing is Max’s reaction to it. He turns his head toward the baby and immediately jumps up and leaves like “nope!” Max is outta there! And who can blame him? Too funny!