Dog Dropped Off At Shelter Looks Out The Window For Someone To Save Her

A stray dog found wandering the streets was dropped off to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. And the poor pittie girl was so confused by this new environment that she didn’t know what to do. Baby was caught in an emotional photo by shelter medical manager P.J. Regan where the dog seemed to be longing for a new life or for someone to come save her. But her second chance at life was just around the corner!

The pittie was dewormed and treated for fleas, but she just sat stressed out in her kennel. The constant loud noises and barking caused her to shut down emotionally, but once out in the play area, Baby was a different dog with all kinds of energy!

The staff reached out to Pregnant Dog Rescue, and they took her in right away after seeing how well she got along with the others! And it was only a couple of days later that Baby was adopted into a home along with another dog from the shelter. Her new family says she’s the perfect pet and a totally different dog in this new life! Amazing. 🙂

H/T The Dodo