No One Expected THIS To Show Up At The Animal Hospital. Wait Til You See What Happened.

A 24 hour emergency hospital recently got a surreal surprise late at night: an injured bald eagle was brought in after suffering some very bad injuries. What happened after that is unreal… I can’t even imagine working on this majestic creature.

Read the account along with the photos, in the words of the animal hospital doctor:

After posting these photos online, she was asked for an update from hundreds of curious people. The response was as follows:

Once we’ve stabilized an animal/checked them over, we call the wildlife rehab centre in our city and they come p/u the animals. They provide long-term treatments and will attempt to rehab them in the wild again. A bad wing break like this (open fracture) is difficult to repair and can sometimes result in a wing amputation which prevents release. A wild bird does not always do well in captivity so, quite often, humane euthanasia is a common route. For this particular fellow, he went to the centre and I’m personally crossing my fingers that they’ll be able to help him and give him another few years of life. Hopefully he stays away from vehicles in the future…


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