‘Bat-Eared’ Puppy Nursed By Zoo Turns Out Not To Be A ‘Puppy-At-All’

Discover the enchanting Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, where the beauty of nature comes alive with the recent arrival of a bat-eared fox kit. Just a week old, this tiny wonder is thriving under the care of our dedicated neonate specialists and experienced animal care team. As he explores the verdant landscapes and colorful flowers of our botanical oasis, this delightful kit captures the hearts of all who meet him. Witnessing his first hesitant steps, both visitors and staff are filled with joy and excitement, eagerly anticipating his growth and adventures ahead.

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As dawn breaks over the zoo, Samantha Villa, the respected headkeeper of the Animal Ambassador Team, introduces us to the captivating story of a young bat-eared fox kit under our care. With enthusiasm in her eyes and warmth in her voice, Samantha narrates the inspiring journey of this brave little fox embarking on a new life.

In the soft morning light, the kit eagerly learns the art of bottle feeding. Clutching the bottle with determined little paws, he drinks with vigor, each gulp filling him with strength and vitality. Yet, it’s in the quiet moments after feeding that he finds comfort, drifting off to sleep with a satisfied sigh.

During feeding times, however, the fox kit truly shines. His playful sounds, a mix of chirps and chirrups, resonate through the air, bringing joy to all who hear. Each sound he makes not only endears him to our team and visitors but also reminds us of the profound beauty and resilience found in nature’s creations.

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Beyond simply nourishing his body, our devoted team at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is committed to nurturing the spirit of our cherished bat-eared fox kit. With immense care and endless affection, we focus on socializing him, ensuring he feels not only safe but also confident around humans. Our interactions, filled with gentle touches and loving care, help build a bond that crosses species barriers, establishing a foundation of trust and companionship destined to last a lifetime.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of growth and discovery. Witness the magical story of this enchanting creature, one that inspires and delights. Here, within the verdant spaces of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, miracles unfold daily, offering new beginnings and limitless opportunities to all who visit.

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