Dog’s Dropped Off At Shelter In A Garbage Bag Because Owners Didn’t Want Blood In Their Car

A dog was dropped off by her owners at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California, in a garbage bag because they didn’t want to get blood in their vehicle. The 10-year-old dog named Blackie had a tumor on her tail that was bleeding, and she was carried inside and abandoned by the people she thought loved her most.

Blackie was placed inside a kennel in the medical section of the shelter, but she wouldn’t stay there long. The Frosted Faces Foundation saw a video of her online, and volunteers went to pick her up.

Despite everything, she was still the sweetest dog. She was completely relaxed and at peace around all of the volunteers as if she knew they were there to help.

After greeting and sniffing everyone, it was time to get brushed.

And then it was bathtime.

Next up was a nice nail trimming.

Then finally, a hearty meal.

She seemed to be enjoying herself aside from the pain caused by the tumor.

If volunteers touched the tumor while bathing her, she would wince in pain and try to correct them with her mouth.

So Blackie was scheduled to be sent to the hospital to have surgery. She’s expected to make a full recovery and will then be put up for adoption.

The sweet and loyal dog deserves a sweet and loyal family. For now, she’ll continue to be showered with love by the volunteers at the Frosted Faces Foundation.

h/t The Dodo