150-Pound Pooch Thinks He’s A Lap Dog, Tries Fitting In The Smallest Places

For a 150-pound dog, Bok Choy sure thinks he’s small! He’s a lap dog at heart and tries to fit in all of the smallest places. You could say the dog is spatially challenged! Because of this, everything he does is very funny and entertaining. 😀

Mom thinks he’s perfect and wouldn’t change a single thing about him! And Bokky is very close to her dad. The dog knows when the man is coming home and waits by the door. It’s an incredible bond!

Bokky is obsessed with toilet paper rolls and snow. And of course he loves food; He’s so big, he can rest his head right on the counter where his treats are while sitting! You have to see him to believe his sheer size, it’s unbelievable!