Woman And Dog See A Sign While On A Walk, Help Random Dog Look For His Ball

Ava was on a walk with her dog, Dilbert, when they noticed a sign on the side of the road. “Boone is looking for his 8″ Blue Ball,” it read. Knowing how much this toy must’ve meant to the dog, these two decided to go search for it!

Dilbert led the way looking through the tall grass. They took a break for snacks but continued the search in the lake. After looking all over with no luck, Ava decided to do the next best thing and buy a brand new ball!

They wrapped the ball and delivered it to the driveway of Boone’s home. And on their next walk, Ava and Dilbert came across yet another sign. Now it read, “Boone says Thank You,” over top of a picture of the smiling pup with his brand new blue ball. What an awesome act of kindness! 🙂