Guy Meets Dog He’s Told Is Aggressive, Reads Note From Former Owners

Lee Asher arrived to the shelter to meet a dog who was surrendered by his owners for being aggressive along with a note explaining the situation. It read:

“We’ve decided to surrender Brutus. His behavior is uncontrollable, and we do not feel safe in the house with him. We don’t take this decision lightly, but last night was awful, and we cannot do this any longer.”

But Brutus showed absolutely no signs of aggression, only love. The dog gave lots of kisses and rolled over for belly rubs. So the man decided to see how Brutus would interact with his other dogs, the true test to see if he could take him home.

No one knows for sure what happened with the dog’s former family, but this boy couldn’t have been any sweeter. So many dogs out there just need a shot to show who they truly are, and we hope more people take chances on them like Lee did.