A Woman Was Told Her Dog Didn’t Have Long To Live. But What She Does Is Absolutely Beautiful.

A 32 year old woman from Canada found out that her boxer, Romeo, had inoperable bone cancer. She was devastated but decided that while he was alive, they would do all the things that he never got to do and then some. She created a bucket list for her buddy so that his final days would be full of fun and love. Just wait until you see some of the things Romeo got to enjoy!

Only four months after being diagnosed, Romeo passed away.

“It was bittersweet, I had to let Romeo go,” Cooke said. ”We had so many great memories together but it wasn’t fair to keep him alive when he was in so much pain.”

“Everyone loved him, he was such a kindhearted dog.”

But what an amazing thing she did for her dog. Romeo’s last four months were filled with complete joy, a fitting end for the dog that brought so much joy and love to Riina’s life.

Here is the complete bucket list:

1. Trip to the first park where he had walkies as a puppy
2. Have breakfast in bed with dad
3. Have his first beer with dad at the pub
4. Meet a celebrity
5. Watch a sunset
6. Candle lit massage from mum
7. Have a ride a fire engine
8. Have a ride a police car
9. Spend lots quality time with my family
10. Have a great birthday party
11. Help out at an animal shelter
12. Eat a McDonalds cheese burger
13. Celebrate New Year in style
14. Enjoy a doggy ice cream
15. Have a steak dinner
16. Enjoy a full body massage
17. Get a pawicure
18. Go on a blind date
19. Eat some sushi
20. Find myself a Valentines
21. Have lots of doggy treats
22. Visit the USA

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