Dog’s Stiff, Lifeless Body Rushed To The Back When Owner Gives Her Up To The Vet

Bunny the pittie was handed over by her owner to the vet because he knew he wouldn’t be able to afford her care. The receptionist took her lifeless, stiff body to the table in the back room, and Ali Thompson knew it was tetanus. The dog’s ears were pinned back, and she had what they call a sardonic grin.

The poor dog was with it mentally and just trembled with fear. And right there, Ali decided she’d take Bunny home and try her best to help her pull through! The dog would need around-the-clock care, and the first night would be the hardest. But in the mornings to follow, the pittie started wagging her tail upon seeing Ali come into the room!

Bunny was then taken outside to the grass for the first time in weeks. They helped keep her range of motion up this way with some physical therapy. And three days later, Ali’s husband had Bunny out in the yard when she came home from work. The dog came right at her on her own power, and Ali burst out in happy tears! She never planned to keep the dog forever, but she couldn’t let her go now. See the new family in the video below! 🙂