Homeless Puppy Limping Outside The Only Restaurant In Town Approaches Tourists

Bruce and Jen were in Macedonia on vacation when they saw a stray puppy in need. He was limping outside of the only restaurant in town and approached to ask for help. The couple encouraged the boy to follow them home and made him comfortable in their fenced-in backyard for the night.

The next day, the vet would show up to administer all of the necessary vaccines, microchip the dog, and provide a puppy passport! Bruce and Jen had it all planned and plane ticket in hand when they learned Chachi was too sick to fly. Fortunately, Jen’s mom and dad decided to stay a few more days and said they wouldn’t leave without the pup!

The parents were able to get Chachi on a flight, and the dog was on his way to his forever home to meet his new doggy sibling! Chachi’s life was just beginning, and Bruce and Jen couldn’t have been more happy. 🙂