He Walks Up To A Dog Chained To A Wall, And That Tail Starts Wagging

Takis approached a dog chained to a wall, and he was so sad to see the condition she was in. With nowhere to go and nothing to eat, she was skin and bones. But that didn’t stop her from wagging her tail upon seeing him! The friendly pup just wanted to feel loved.

And she was so ready and excited to get going as he walked over to free her from the brick and mortar. The dog wanted to see the outside world and be treated like a beloved pet. This was the beginning of her second chance at life!

She was a bit hesitant at first back at the shelter around all of the other dogs, but she quickly settled in when she saw the food! The dog will receive all of the care she needs here amongst all of her new friends as she awaits a loving forever home. 🙂