Little Girl Runs To Get Help After Finding Dog In A Concrete Grave

A little girl found something in a covered hole that shocked her to the core. After hearing cries coming from below, she noticed a dog that needed some serious help. She ran back to her father and it was him that freed the Boxer from this open “concrete grave.” They kept the dog overnight and took her to a rescue organization the next day. The Rainbow Rehoming Centre had this to say:

“Last night Rainbow received a call from a very concerned member of the public in the Drumahoe area of Derry/Londonderry. His daughter had been out playing and heard a dog crying down a hole. Reacting to what his daughter had told him he went to look only to discover in horror that an elderly boxer had been dumped down a hole and covered over with planks of wood & bricks.”


I just love these kinds of endings! If you love happy endings, share this with your friends. 🙂