A Vet Took In An Old Cat, But What They Discover 3 Years Later? Unbelievable.

A cat named Cotone recently made a trip to the vet, but this would end up being unlike any other appointment. Unknowingly, a huge surprise awaited.

In 2013, the Sicconi family moved and took their two orange tabbies with them. But Tuffo wandered away from home, and after three years, the family feared the worst.

Then one day, they took Cotone to the vet. And this is where the story takes a wild turn…

Three years ago, an elderly cat was brought to Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital in need of serious help.

They brought the emaciated cat back to good health, named him Billy and adopted him as the official office cat!

For three years, Billy had seen families and pets come and go. But it was different when the Sicconi family walked in.


This is when the old cat did something they’d never seen before; Billy jumped right into the family’s arms!

The family asked where the cat came from and quickly connected the dots–Billy is actually Tuffo!

The cats were reunited, and it was an amazing sight to see!

The staff at the vet’s office were definitely sad to see “Billy” go, but they know he’s back where he belongs.

What are the odds? How amazing that this family is back together again! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up with the cats’ story.

[h/t ViralNova]