Service Dog Who Brings Mom Juice For Her Blood Sugar Goes Above & Beyond

Abbey has a service dog named Darby, and when her blood sugar gets low, the pet knows to go get Mom a juice. When Darby does this, she is later rewarded with a treat. But one day, the alert dog went above and beyond the normal call of duty, and it became obvious she had an ulterior motive…

“Darby is trying to get some extra credit,” Abbey said as a caption on her TikTok video. Darby most likely thought she was going to get some extra treats, but you can tell she was worried about Mom’s health first and foremost. After five total juices, Mom convinced the pup that the one was more than enough. But better safe than sorry! 😛

@abbey.n.darby Darby is trying to get some extra credit😂 #servicedog #diabeticalertdog #alertdogdarby #lowbloodsugar #t1d ♬ Cartoon-style piano solo jazz(853970) – motofuji