Dog Falls Into Depression After Her Miscarriage, But A Little One Heals Her

Daya fell into a deep depression when her body rejected her pregnancy and she was left with no puppies. But the shelter saw an opportunity to pair her with a little orphaned puppy with a big swollen eye who was dumped at the vet and needed a mom. So Daya’s foster family decided to bring Raisin into their home!

They were on eggshells at first, but it didn’t take long for the two to take to each other and fulfill each other’s needs. Daya broke out of her depression, and the dogs really brought out the best in each other! When Mama Daya seemed emotionally better, she was adopted into a loving forever home. As for Raisin? The foster family decided to keep her and watch her blossom into the spunkiest and friendliest dog! 🙂