Street Dog’s Patchy Fur Highlighted Her Pink Skin, But That Tail Kept Wagging

A street dog with the worst skin condition was so friendly and approachable, it’s as if she’d definitely had some human contact in her life before. This allowed Charlotte of Mission Paws’ible to get close, but she had no rescue supplies with her. So she left and came back, but the pup was gone.

Charlotte would continue to look for the dog over the next few days with her tools by her side, and she ended up running into a local man who worked at the market. He knew where the sweet puppy slept at night, and together they would be able to capture her in a crate!

Delilah was taken in to receive all the necessary care and meds, and things started to take a turn for the better fast! After several weeks of treatment and a stay with a foster, she went on to her forever home with her new mom, Amelia! Now Delilah is so fluffy and happy, and she’s such a beach dog. 😉