Their Dog Had Fallen 150 Feet Over A Cliff. What They Saw Shocked Everyone.

Owners looked around for Bella, a Staffordshire Terrier they adopted from a rescue shelter, after hearing her howls from the cliff top. It wasn’t long before they realized it was coming from down below, 150 feet into the steep ravine. They couldn’t see her because of the sea level but were shocked that she was still alive. But how bad of shape was she in, and how were they going to get to her?

Coastguard volunteers from the Toe Head-Glandore Unit responded to the call. Armed with treats, they carefully carried Bella back to the boat. Surprisingly, Bella only suffered a broken leg. Minutes later she was reunited with her family.

Emma Jervis said: “She wagged her tail and she was so happy to see us, it was such a huge relief, they were minding her so well”.

They wrapped Bella in blankets and went to a waiting vet.

Emma said: “Thanks to everyone who made a call, tweeted and shared the call for help and thanks especially to the Coastguard for rescuing her, they were amazing.”

Bella was very lucky that day. What a scary situation with a miraculous ending.