Dog Groomer Opened Shop In Middle-Of-Night To Give Stray Dog Haircut & Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

This tiny creature, known as the feathertail glider, holds the title of being the smallest gliding mammal in existence. It appeared to have fallen from its mother’s pouch, facing the perilous risk of being overlooked or harmed on the ground. Fortunately, the watchful eyes and compassionate nature of man’s best friend intervened, ensuring the safety and rescue of this delicate life.

The remarkable bond between humans and their canine companions is exemplified in moments like these, where dogs demonstrate not only their loyalty and affection but also their instinctive ability to protect and nurture the vulnerable members of the animal kingdom. Through their actions, they serve as shining examples of empathy and compassion, inspiring others to follow suit in safeguarding the welfare of all creatures, big and small.



His physical state was shocking to them. His fur was so badly matted that it hampered his movement and obscured his face, rendering him unable to see his path and narrowly avoiding being struck. His responsiveness was minimal, suggesting he had suffered abandonment and neglect for a significant portion of his existence.

The duo felt compelled to act and could not just leave him in such a state. Therefore, they decided to transport him in their vehicle. Yet, facing the inability to provide overnight care, they reached out for assistance through social media – a call that was met by the groomer, Kari Falla.


Severe matting of a dog’s coat can lead to restricted blood circulation and bruising. Upon witnessing the dog’s dire straits, Kari knew immediate action was necessary. She hurried to her BGE Grooming salon at the early hour of 3 a.m., finding the dog in a state of shock and cold. She expressed her astonishment, stating, “I was utterly unprepared for the condition he was in.” The odor was unbearable, and the dog could not even stand.

Kari dedicated herself until 4 a.m., meticulously shaving him down. She estimated that the dog had been neglected and his fur unattended for over two years. In anticipation of his upcoming veterinary check-up, they affectionately named him Lucky.


Upon reaching the veterinarian’s office, another shocking revelation unfolded. Lucky, it turns out, is not only blind and deaf but also suffers from severely matted fur and overall poor health. It’s a miracle that the kind-hearted couple stumbled upon him when they did, as his condition was dire, and he likely wouldn’t have survived much longer on the streets.

Following intensive surgery, Lucky underwent neutering, received essential vaccinations, and underwent dental cleaning to address his health issues. With his medical needs addressed, the next step was finding him a permanent and loving home. Zachary Blair was deeply moved by Lucky’s story of resilience and the outpouring of support from the community.

Determined to provide Lucky with a forever home, Zachary eagerly stepped in to offer him a place in his heart and home. This heartwarming tale of compassion and second chances exemplifies the power of love and the incredible impact it can have on the lives of those in need.


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