Dog Found Caged Out In The Middle Of A Field As A ‘Living Scarecrow’

The misuse and neglect of dogs apparently knows no bounds, and it’s absolutely sickening. It’s happening far too often in far too many places across the globe, and it needs to stop. In the video below, we have a case in Sri Lanka where someone was forcing a dog to sit out in the middle of a field in a cage to act as sort of a “living scarecrow.”

This dog’s only purpose in life was to scare away pests as he baked away in the sun with no escape. Thankfully, rescuers caught wind of this and arrived to help before it was too late! The dog was hungry and scared, so the man would take a moment to try and gain his trust.

Before long, the dog was transported back to the vehicle to signal a brand new chapter in life. He suffered from anemia and dehydration but would receive all the necessary love and care in the hands of the rescue until the perfect forever home was eventually found. So many dogs like this one need our help, and the least we can do is help spread the word!