Aggressive Dog Locked In A Room For Over A Year Blossoms Into Loving Companion

Dog rescuers were called upon regarding a cruelty case in which a dog was locked away in a room for a year and a half. He was left to fend for himself and forgotten about, so of course he became aggressive toward humans. The dog snarled and showed his teeth to rescuers through wooden planks covering a window.

They found that inside of the room, the dog was also on the end of a mess of a chain. They freed him to see the sunshine for the first time in years, but he was still acting out. So their only choice was to safely secure him with a net for transfer.

And just a few days later at the rescue, Thunder had become a much calmer and loving dog! It’s as if he now knows these people are only trying to help, and he’s so content and happy awaiting that next chapter in life. 🙂