Woman Thinks It’ll Be Okay To Tie Her Dog To A Shopping Cart To Go Get Food

A woman was out walking her Border Collie in Perth, Australia, when she decided to stop for some Chinese takeout at the local strip mall. But she couldn’t take her dog inside with her, so she thought it’d be fine to tie him up to a shopping cart outside. But the dog got spooked and took off running.

It appears that when the dog moved to see where his owner was going, the shopping cart scared him. That’s when he started running to get away from it slamming the cart into a parked car nearby. It was all caught on camera thanks to the dashcam of the vehicle.

The Good Samaritans in the car parked in front came rushing over to help the dog and see if everything was all right. And you can see the owner quickly come running out of the restaurant.

Tying your dog out to a movable object and leaving it alone is not a good idea, but thankfully there were some kind people nearby willing to help out.