Dog With An Eye For Sticks Goes After Large Snowman’s ‘Arm’

Dogs love sticks. And that’s something we’ve seen firsthand over the years as dog lovers. They’ll go out of their way to find the perfect one to play fetch with or to simply carry around and show off! And as for Alice the Jackapoo in the TikTok below, she’s a “real stick fiend,” according to Mom! 😀

While out on walk with her parents, the family came across a field of undisturbed snow. So they took some time to play and build a snowman. But Alice kept eyeing the twigs that were to be used as the snowman’s arms! Once placed on the snowman, she couldn’t reach. But she kept trying!

By simply jumping, the Jackapoo couldn’t reach the “arms.” But when it was time to go home, she got a running start and managed to grab onto one! Mom had to pry her away so they could leave, but she’ll have plenty of other sticks to chase after in life that aren’t being used as limbs! 😛