13 Dogs Who Would Have Been Better Off As Cats

Sometimes dogs forget how to dog. Or maybe they’d just rather live the life of a cat? Either way, I think these good boys have been hanging around their feline friends for far too long! 😀

#1 – “Oh hi there 👋🏻just doing cat stuff with my brothers Pecan and Gizmo”

#2 – “Marty was raised by cats. Can you tell?”

#3 – “Cat trees aren’t meant for dogs!”

#4 – “He grew up with two cats”

#5 – “Milo has decided to ditch the dog life, and become a cat.”

#6 – “And then he realised, he is not a cat”

#7 – “My friends asked me if he was raised with cats.”

#8 – “How he sits on the couch….”

#9 – “I think my pit hangs out with the cat too much”

#10 – “My husband leaves for work earlier than I do. He keeps the dog out so she won’t wake me up. However, we have a cat door to our bedroom. This is how I’m greeted most mornings.”

#11 – “Got a live feed camera so I could see what my dogs are up to while I’m at work”

#12 – “Meet Loki. He likes to people watch.”

#13 – No words necessary.

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