Man Makes Mini Condo For His Dogs Out Of A Spare Bedroom

Ben Mazer has three dogs named Peaches, Challah, and Mitzi. He loves them very much and wants nothing more than to be able to spoil them at every turn. So when he got the idea to turn the spare room into a space for his beloved pets, he went all in!

Ben Mazer

It would give them a comfortable and relaxing place to hang out, especially at times when he’d have to leave them home alone for a bit. As the mini condo started taking shape, Dad kept adding more and more!

Ben Mazer

Mini couches, art on the walls, and some plants were just the beginning. A TV, fireplace, and fish tank would help finish off the cozy “apartment.” Take a look at it in the TikTok below! 🙂



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♬ Mountain King – Halloween Sound Effects

It’s so nice, Ben can’t help but hang out with them in there sometimes! Gotta love it. 😀

H/T The Dodo