Aunt leaves nephew the most amazing instructions for babysitting her dog

You know you’re a crazy dog mama if…

An aunt left her nephew, Tommy, some very detailed instructions for babysitting her dog. Tommy took to Twitter to show the note, and dog lovers everywhere can relate to its contents! 😂

— Tommy (@TommyRivers) July 9, 2017

the most Beautiful Girl in the world

Breakfast 8am 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water
Dinner 5 pm 1/4 cup food & fill bowl with fresh water

no carbs
dog bone every other day

Play Time:
Fetch — shoot ball with green gun — daily
Walk around the block — optional

big hugs little kiss
belly rubs

Send photo of Pepper every day so I can see she’s okay
Face Time with Pepper so I can talk to her


  • Yell at Pepper — she barks when you get home, barks when she hears a suspicious noise and barks to communicate
  • Hit, spank or kick Pepper — don’t you hurt her!
  • let her escape – know where she’s at At all times
  • and most important….

    Don’t you Hate her cause you Ain’t her!

    One thing is for sure: Pepper is one spoiled, well-loved pup! And that’s an amazing thing. 🙂

    h/t Mashable