Deer Mom Rejects “Rare” White-Faced Fawn At Birth, But A Kind Woman Takes Him In

The woman gave the baby deer a chance when his own mom "rejected" him.

While humans place great value on a person’s uniqueness, being born unique and different in the animal kingdom usually comes with a hefty price. A young fawn found this out the hard way when his mother abandoned him at birth for being born with a condition that made most of his fur appear white instead of the usual dark brown color.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WOOD TV8 / via YouTube


The mother deer gave birth to twins, but one of them had a defect called “piebald” condition, which gives the deer lots of patches of fur that are white or lack pigmentation. This is a dangerous thing for a deer in the wild as they are easily spotted by predators and have a tough time surviving.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WOOD TV8 / via YouTube


The mother deer couldn’t afford to waste her time and resources taking care of an unhealthy fawn, so she abandoned him. Fortunately for the baby deer, later named “Dragon”, he was adopted by Hilary and Kelly Powell of Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Missouri. The couple took the young deer in and made sure he was given lots of love and attention.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: WOOD TV8 / via YouTube


Dragon lived on their ranch with many other animals including horses, pigs, donkeys, and even some bears! Although Dragon eventually passed away when he was one year old, in his short life the Powell’s made sure he had a beautiful and well-cared for life! How sweet!

Click the video below to watch Kelly Powell bringing Dragon on a news show and talking about the beautiful fawn!


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