What Happens Every Morning At This Farm Is Mesmerizing To See. You Won’t Even Believe It.

Many of us don’t know the difference between free-range eggs and cage-free eggs, but thanks to the videos below and the following helpful descriptions from the Wall Street Journal, it’s now clear:

Caged: Chickens are forced into small cages. They cannot move and are treated as machines.

Cage-free: The chickens are uncaged and able to freely roam a barn or other facility, but they generally don’t have access to the outdoors.

Free-range: Indicates the hens are cage-free and have some access to the outdoors.

The Otaika Valley Free Range is a great example of a free-range chicken farm, and it’s mesmerizing to see. Just look at how happy and free they are! 🙂

The alternative is a caged farm as seen in the video below. And it’s not pretty. (Disturbing images)

The difference is tremendous. So try to buy free-range (or at least cage-free) eggs for not only healthier eggs but to support the chicken farms that do it right.

[h/t ViralNova]