Family Gets Back Very Skinny Dog After One Year Apart

A family in Alva, Florida, has been reunited with their dog after she’d gone missing for over an entire year. It became hard to imagine this day would ever come, but they never lost hope. Georgia looked worse for wear and as skinny as could be, and they could count every single rib on her body.


But aside from the weight loss, the dog was healthy and otherwise okay. A good Samaritan found Georgia and took her in to Lee County Domestic Animal Services. And thanks to her microchip, they were able to locate her family!


“Thrilled they got her back, but they got her back because somebody did the right thing the second time around, brought her to us. We were able to call them and get their dog back to them,” Karen Fordiani said.

Animal Services says a simple $10 microchip can increase the rate of finding a lost pet by as much as 54%. A good investment for our furry loved ones!

H/T – WINK News