Goat’s Introduced To The Dog In An Effort To Socialize The Abandoned Herd Animal

There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful, lifelong friendship begin to take shape! And when it’s between two unlikely, unique animals, the cuteness is almost too much to handle.

“Philip the baby goat was found in a bin at just a few days old as the unwanted by-product of the dairy goat industry and was given to us at Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary to raise him and provide him with a forever home. He was quickly taken under the wing of our 3-year-old rescue dog, Django. The two have formed a bond, despite Philip not playing the way that dogs should play. As goats are herd animals, they don’t feel safe when they are on their own so Django was a vital part in helping Philip to gain confidence as he explored the world and got used to his surroundings.”