Dog Was Kicked Out, And He Hung Around The Gate In Case They Changed Their Mind

Grey was alone on the streets growing sicker by the minute. The locals said his family kicked him out at the first signs of illness and mange. The dog hung around their gate hoping they’d change their minds and bring him back in.

The Husky hardly looked like a Husky anymore. Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials showed up to rescue him when they did! And Grey just stared at them with those piercing blue eyes…

The poor boy didn’t know what to think, but they soon bonded over the love of food! He froze in place when they placed a lead around his neck, but he quickly came around to trust them.

Grey was so relieved to finally be safe, he crashed and fell asleep in the car. And with lots of love and medicine, he slowly started to look the way he was supposed to. Before long, a forever home with a doggy brother who looks just like him. Amazing! 🙂