Dog Comes Into Shelter Looking Like A Stone Statue Before His Transformation

Grinch came into a shelter in South Texas looking like a stone statue. He was hairless and his skin scabby and gray. He needed the best care for a chance to survive, so the staff contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help.

They couldn’t even tell the dog’s breed by looking at him. The dog was so sad and disconnected, and he must have been suffering for so long. But now it was time to fight. They transferred Grinch to a local vet to begin treatment for his skin condition.

The boy responded well to the treatment and even put on some healthy weight, and he was placed in a foster home about a month later! But Grinch was still hesitant and shy and even backed away from other dogs.

Under his foster mom, Grinch learned to trust people and discovered his love for playing with a ball! His fur grew back in slowly but surely, and five months after his initial rescue he’s looking so good now. You wouldn’t even know it’s the same dog! A Shepherd/Malinois mix was revealed, and along with that came the sweetest personality! 🙂

Grinch is so beautiful now! He’s just another example of how far a second chance can take a dog who was once so down on his luck. Amazing!

H/T The Dodo