Bait Dog Too Depressed To Lift Her Head Undergoes Remarkable Transformation

Dog-fighting operations are some of the most despicable situations rescuers encounter, but a lot of happy endings can come from busting one in the early stages.

The bait dogs are often chained up with no shelter and minimal food and water. Neglected and emaciated, they need rescuers to intervene before it’s too late. And that’s exactly what happened here.


“It’s hard to believe that Gwen is the same dog we met almost 2 months ago. She was so thin and defeated the day we met her, her recovery is nothing short of remarkable. Her kindness is one of the many things that we love most about her; even after everything she endured she still loves people so much. Gwen is here today, available for adoption and looking for her forever home, because of your support.” – SPCA of Texas

Visit Gwen’s adoption page if you’re interested in adopting her. You can help other dogs by visiting

[h/t The Animal Rescue Site]