This One Thing About Animals In Zoos Is Just Heartbreaking. I Didn’t Think About This!

There’s nothing like a zoo on a nice summer day. Hanging out with the family and seeing all of the different kinds of animals. The animals even seem to enjoy the company. That’s because after the summer, they won’t get any company at all. Zoos do what they can to keep the animals comfortable, but the one thing they can’t control is the loneliness that they experience. While not set up that way intentionally, many people feel zoos are cruel institutions. Maybe after seeing this you will agree…



These animals are just prisoners without stimulation and their natural habitat. Seeing them like this just breaks my heart.

Maybe we can make a difference by planning winter trips to the zoo. As we can see, they would love the company. Share this below.

[H/T: ViralNova]
[Toni Amengual Photography]