Man Finds Giant Tank Of A Dog On His Porch Surrounded By Red

Hope For Paws set out for rescue after receiving a text about an injured dog on someone’s porch. The dog stumbled up to the good Samaritan’s house looking for help, and he was very friendly despite his condition. Ernesto cared for him until JoAnn could arrive.

When presented with a cheeseburger, all of the dog’s worries seemed to disappear for that moment! They carefully moved him to the vehicle so he could be taken to CARES for a checkup, and he was very cooperative and loving through it all. 🙂

Their best guess is the giant tank of a dog had been hit by a car causing the road burn, but he had no broken bones. A nice bubble bath cooled Hippo off and got him ready to head to LA Animal rescue for rehab and fostering. He just needs a forever home for that happy ending!