They Were On Their Boat When They Saw THIS In The Water… OMG.

Members of a sailing club were boating off of the coast of Italy when they saw the unthinkable in the water. A little yellow puppy was swimming toward them and they knew they had to help the tired dog.

But how did the dog end up in the sea? Read on below the video…

They raced back to land trying to keep the puppy warm, but couldn’t help but wonder how the puppy ended up lost at sea.

Back on shore, they learned a puppy that very morning had fallen overboard a ferry ride after slipping out of her leash. The dog, Noodle, was en route to her new home according to the owner.

The owner had alerted the ferry’s crew, but they refused to stop saying the dog had probably already drowned.

Thankfully the sailors found Noodle about a half hour later. The dog is now reunited with her owner and doing well. What a happy ending! 🙂

[h/t – The Dodo]