After 15 Months In Kennels, Blind Dog Gets To Run Free In His Own Field

On this day, Jacko got some very exciting news… After 15 months living in kennels waiting for someone to come and adopt him, it was finally happening! As much as he loved and enjoyed the staff visiting him every day, the blind dog needed a home to call his own. Now, he gets to run free!

“Jacko now gets to run free in his very own field, with his very own human. Every single day!” Wow, this is special to witness. No one deserves this happiness more than Jacko, and it goes to show it’s never too late to make all the difference in a dog’s life! 🙂

@manytearsanimalrescue JACKO WENT HOME!! #manytears #dogrescue #rescuedog #gotchaday #collie #specialdog #rescuelife ♬ At Last – Etta James