Tiny Dachshund Causes A Big Ruckus To Save 180-Pound Saint Bernard Friend

There’s nothing like a best friend – what would we do without them? This Dachshund caused a ruckus when he realized his St. Bernard friend was stuck and needed help. He wasn’t about to give up until he knew his big buddy was safe.

Razor the Dachshund did his best to create a scene and get someone’s attention to help rescue his buddy, Jazzy the St. Bernard.

The Dachshund ran over to the neighbor’s house and finally got their attention. He led them to where Jazzy was stuck.

Jazzy was stuck in a cold, muddy ditch for about 18 hours. But emergency responders showed up and pulled Jazzy to safety!

Be sure and check out the video below for even more information on this touching rescue:

It makes me so happy to know that these two best friends are back together and safe! Share this post with your friends. 🙂