Tiny Pup Wanted His Brother To Play, Kept Nudging His Head Near Motionless Body

Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on scene to assist a little puppy who lay traumatized with a very severe leg injury. His mother was worried, and his brother wondered why he couldn’t play.

The poor thing was so scared but needed immediate attention, so rescuers carefully scooped him up and got him back to the hospital right away. The brave boy seemed to know they were trying to help, and he was so cooperative.

The puppy would receive the meds and care necessary, and he made a lot of friends and ate a lot of food during his recovery! But he was missing something very important in life…

Animal Aid kept him until his leg stabilized, but they knew he wouldn’t be complete again unless reunited with his family at home. See Jimmi today after a month back with his mom and sibling! 🙂