Dog Who Spent 5 Months At A Truck Stop Kept Running From His Rescuer

Danny of A Safefurr Place set out to rescue a dog who’d been living at a truck stop for the past five months. The pittie was shy and just wanted to be left alone, but he didn’t know this person was trying to help.

“I always had this belief that, all right, the next day he’s gonna let me pet him. But things did not turn out that way at all,” the rescuer said.

But when Danny found a smaller fenced-in area, he started to lure JJ into there. Once the dog got close enough, he kind of lowered his head and allowed the man to leash him! It was a miracle.

JJ would go on to a foster home where he proved to be the sweetest dog! They renamed him Ruger, and this was just the beginning of a brand new life. 🙂