Stray Could Barely Breathe As She Was Outgrowing The Wire Around Her Neck

Joanna was found in a village where she went to the yard of a house and hid herself behind an old car. The size of her head was enormous and growing because the wire that she had around her neck was too tight. She couldn’t eat or drink, and she was barely breathing. She was dying there alone, helpless and scared. The family saw her and called DAR Animal Rescue for help. It was a very difficult situation for the dog and for rescuers, but you’ll want to see her today at the winery! 😉

From DAR Animal Rescue founder, Ermioni:

“It is, or should I say it was (I do hope people getting educate every day) very common in our area to find dogs with wire around their neck. People use to tie dogs and many times use wire and not a collar. We are trying every day and fighting against the tying of animals and spread the word that animals have rights and deserve a quality of life.”