Hearing The Abuse Was Too Much, So Two Men Broke In To Steal The Puppies

Some neighbors kept hearing the sounds of dog abuse next door and reported the incidents. They recorded video for proof, and you can hear a man screaming and dogs yelping. So Viktor Larkhill and team showed up and asked for the puppies to be handed over, but the request was refused. So they decided to take matters into their own hands…

The abuse had to stop, so Viktor and a friend broke into the yard and grabbed both pups and ran! They didn’t care about the consequences at this point, only that these dogs would never have to endure neglect and abuse again.

They named the pups Johnny and Carla, and they were immediately placed in a foster home. After that, they’d go on to a rescue center before finding their loving forever homes. If it weren’t for Viktor’s team’s courageous act, these dogs would still be suffering to this day. But now they are safe, happy, and loved! 🙂