Faithful K9 Puppy Kisses Her Dad After Every Shift

Phil Ritchey is lucky in that he gets to not only live with his best friend but work alongside her also. His special pup Raider is his K9 partner on the police force, so they’re together all the time! And he wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Raider serves the department as a narcotics detection dog, and every once in a while her hard work is rewarded when they come across a donut truck! The dog also works with K9 Mattis, and those two get along really well together despite the fact that police dogs typically don’t.

And at the end of every shift, officer Ritchey has his face covered with lots of Raider kisses! No matter how tough of a day he may have, he always has his loving pet and faithful partner right there by his side to remind him of all that’s good in life. They’re the best little team! 🙂