Abandoned Kittens Waited For Their Mother To Return, But She Never Came Back

Hope For Paws was told that someone had some feral kittens on their patio with no mother cat in sight. The mama was last seen days ago, and they couldn’t help but wonder what may have happened with all the coyotes in the neighborhood. And these kittens were left here to fend for themselves.

But JoAnn arrived in time to save their lives! The kitties were all emaciated and clearly hadn’t eaten in several days. They can only assume the mama was killed while out searching for food for them. But the kittens were loaded up and taken back to the hospital for care before being placed with Kitt Crusaders to be fostered!

Marx, Fajitas, Kabob, Sparkz, Coleman, and Blue Rhino are now available for adoption! 🙂