Tossed From A Car In A Bag, Little Pup Escaped And Sat Terrified By The Busy Road

A three-month-old puppy sat trembling beside traffic after her owners threw her out of the car in a bag. They wanted her to go over the bridge down into the ravine, but she hit the guardrail and worked her way out of the bag. The poor thing scattered across the road to the corner.

But help was on the way! Prue from Mission Paws’ible made it through the busy traffic to get to the dog, but the pup barked out of fear. It wasn’t until the rescuer went back to her car and grabbed some lasagna that the puppy started to trust her. And that was the turning point! 🙂

They bonded over the food before heading away from the scary situation. Prue already had several dogs at home and all clinics were closed, so she called a friend. They were willing to foster Ellie until she eventually met Maria. The dog now lives with her in her forever home where she’ll never be discarded like trash again!