Two-Year-Old Girl Sees Deaf Dog Walking By Her House Daily And Has To Have Him

Thom is a foster dad, and one day he came across this sickly, scrawny looking puppy who was also deaf. He took him in under his wings without hesitation. And as soon as they got home, the dog slept for a day and a half. Moz was in shock with everything going on but showed trust in his foster dad.

Moz took to the other dogs, and they started taking daily walks. And they’d go by this house with a little girl in the window who’d greet them and wave hello! It became a routine, and the two-year-old even came outside to meet them. Lillian and Moz hit it off immediately, and Thom got the idea to let her dogsit one day…

During this time, it was proven that these two needed to be together. And Lillian did her best to convince Mom to let Moz stay. Once the puppy received his final vaccination, Thom grabbed his leash and they made the walk two blocks down the street to the dog’s forever home! Gotta love it. 🙂